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Digital Consumer & Audiences


Enhance your Marketing with KPI6, the ultimate Audience Analysis research tool

Stay ahead of the competition with audience marketing.
Understand your target audience preferences, user generated content and many others qualitative content to create effective marketing campaigns.

With features like social listening and influencer identification, KPI6 helps you stay on top of trends, identify key advocates, and engage with your audience effectively.
Unlock your potential with KPI6 and take your business to the next level

The Problem

Our Solutions

How to get consumer voice listening to the next level as a driver for my business decisions?

  • How to create an effective data driven Digital Marketing strategy and investment plan?

  • How to get the most from my audience?

  • How to monitor an entire industry, a single brand, or enhance a use-case related to customer understanding?

  • How can I get all my social media in a Tableau-based, beautiful graphic interface that eases my analytics and decision-making?

Local Review is a software characterized by Artificial Intelligence algorithms capable of analyzing, in real-time, millions of reviews that come from your customers or those of your competition.
With Local Review, you can analyze the real in-store experience of consumers, which will allow you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your stores.

MarketEar offers you the most powerful social & web intelligence tool ever, designed to listen to the most relevant sources and analyze conversations in detail. It is easy to set up, and easy to use.
This is the first step of our Consumer Intelligence process, leading to a better understanding and segmentation of users and conversations you should care about.

LookAlike offers you the unique opportunity to color the audiences with tons of different data points and insights. We use Unique User Profiling for digital audience targeting.
This is the Consumer Intelligence at its finest – a powerful representation of an audience, enriched with all the data you need, coming from traditional surveys, panels and market research.

ClassiFire is an Auto-Machine Learning system that offers you a new method to filter and enrich users’ opinions and conversations in a research, in order to monitor an entire industry, a single brand, or enhance a use-case related to customer understanding.
It was born to offer you a classifier algorithm acting as an extension of the mind and the hand of man, capable of grasping irony, double negations, feelings … just like a human being would do.

MeshBoard Meets cutting edge business intelligence platforms such as Google Data Studio and Tableau to provide information, in a holistic way within multipurpose dashboards. Business intelligence is a blanket term used to describe how corporates collect and visualize raw data.
When used in combination with social media, it can provide companies information such as customer demographics, search habits, and social and purchasing behaviors, thanks to Data Visualization tools.

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