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Retail Drivers


Discover what are the drivers for traffic, incidence and loyalty. Develop actionable Trade & Digital activities to impact these drivers. Increase sellout.

  • Consumption occations and shopping trips

  • Shopper segmentation

  • By department, category, store, product analysis

  • Ticket analysis

  • Info monetization strategies

  • Portfolio strategy & white space analysis

  • Pricing architecture 

  • Category management: Category strategy, assortment, planogram, profitability analysis.

  • Omnichannel activation

  • Store clusterization and multi-category sellout management

  • Pricing strategy, Portfolio / Department profitability / Revenue Management.

The Problem

Our Solutions

  • How do I improve traffic into my stores / department?

  • Which are those drivers impacting purchase frequency, ticket size and shopper loyalty?

  • What are the relevant omni touch points where shoppers are taking decisions?

  • What is the shopper´s decision three for my category? How do I drive multi-category shopper understanding?

  • How to simplify shopper browsing / scanning of my products offline and online?

  • How to find cross-category, seasonal and promotional opportunities?

  • How to drive sustainable volume in EDLP / High-Low / Market place / Omni pricing environments?

Shoppers acquired an omni-channel, hybrid decision taking approach. Track shoppers across multiple platforms and learn where & how to activate in favor of your brand / retail formats.

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