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Retail Insights


Instant, actionable insights for retailers!... datasapiens, is our Strategic Partner and is probably the fastest, real-time, insights platform
leveraging truly disaggregated customer data. In partnership with datasapiens, we bring to LATAM, real-time insights and segment creation in the datasapiens propietary AI
Platform and when connected to media partners, could be a gamechanger for retail execution.

AIP insights suite:

  • business insights: sales tree, KPI-tracker, promotion performance, and free-flow report builder

  • customer insights: source of volume, switching, affinities, cross-purchase, and customer profiler 

  • assortment suite: customer decision tree (CDT), needs unit analyser, and assortment prioritiser 

  • data: data download, import portals (category, store, others) and advanced access management 

  • support: embedded training guides and videos, info buttons and online help 

  • ease-of-use: insights in seconds, in-mail for collaboration, export and presentation mode

AIP segmentation studio / audience builder 

  • user-defined segments: combine any facts, dimensions and attributes with logic operations 

  • real-time resolution: segments are created instantly 

  • saved segments: users may save and share segments for subsequent application 

  • segment insights: segments may be used across the insights suite to understand specific behaviour 

  • media audiences: segments may be exported for targeting via online media or CRM 

  • closed-loop evaluation: on-line ad performance may be evaluated based upon the media partner

AIP integration 

  • third-party data ingestion: including panel, market, weather and others as required 

  • granular integration: data may be combined at the most granular level via fusion, ML, others 

  • integrated reporting: reports combine data from different sources irrespective of granularity 

  • user-defined hierarchies: users may attribute products and stores to create unique hierarchies 

  • shared attributes: user-defined attributes may be shared with others with the same security

AIP advanced insights and coding 

  • advanced reporting builder: embedded supersets with SQL and visualisation capabilities 

  • direct data access: jupyter notebook integration enables multi-language coding and modelling 

  • access control: advanced access is limited based upon engagement and capabilities 

  • knowledge transfer: upskilling is possible based upon engagement

The Problem

Our Solutions

Are you experiencing these challenges?

  • the data does not match

  • business, customer, inventory, and third-party data sources are held separately

  • standard reports by function, using summarised or aggregated data

  • internal functions and external partners work separately because data sharing is difficult

Our clients benefit from an array of features

aligned data - one version of truth
customer-focused decisions
price, promo, assortment & media application
secure collaboration with partners
self-funded engagements
speed & efficiency

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