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Salesforce Boost


There is no Sales University around the globe. Most of our Salesforces have learnt on the fly how to identify and manage prospects, develop long-term relationships, manage a territory or develop C-Level partnerships. We enable & empower your salesforce by providing powerful, proven tools, to develop their capabilities. From experienced sales executives to your loved KAMs, field & senior Sales team!

  • Sales Organization Revamp: Assess, design or optimize your multi-channel sales team: 

  • Route optimization

  • KAM 2.0, a partnership approach

  • Sales Cycle: OGSM process, Goal setting, KPI cascading, monitoring cycle.

  • I SELL YOU academy:  2-3 Day bootcamp with everything to jumpshift your sales capabilities.

  • Sales & negotiation bootcamp

  • Power Questions

  • Story Telling: How tu put your customer in the center of your Selling Story

  • Dissertation: How to speak to any audience, from big crowds to C-Level

  • Objection Management

  • CRM tools overview

  • S&OP / IBP for dummies: In this 2-3 day workshop, Sales, Marketing, Demand Planning, Supply Chain & Finance understand the sales-brand activities-forecasting-supply-P&L ecosystem and align OP business objectives into by-channel, by-category activities that protect your P&L targets

  • Bonsai mindset vs Growth mindset coaching: Sales Dierctor, Marketing Director, Comnmercial Head Coaching.

The Problem

Our Solutions

  • Do I have the right Sales Organization?

  • Does my Salesforce have the leading, cutting-edge capabilities for an Omnichannel environment?

  • How to define a Commercial competencies model? We mean hard skills, not only leadership skills

  • How to ensure a ROI from capability building & training budgets?

  • How to embed a pragmatic approach to the Sales teams to put the customer in the center of our value proposition?

  • How to infuse a P&L mindset into the Commercial team?

  • How to sensibilize and ground a Sales & Trade Calendar that ensures profitability targets across the year?

  • How to develop awareness & understanding of the end to end inventory acosystem across Sales Planning, Demand Planning, Marketing Goals, Supply Chain KPIs and Financial targets into my organization?

It´s simple: Elevate your Salesforce Selling & Negotiation skills, create awareness and accountability to manage P&L responsible volume & Marketing activities.

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