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Shopper Deep Dive


Shoppers behave in hybrid digital, online & offline platforms. New sales channels have appeared. New touchpoints now influence even before entering offline & online shops. Shoppers buy multiple products in multiple formats. Generations have shifted. Update your understanding of our beloved shoppers.

  • Shopper profiling & segmentation

  • Personna buyer profiling & segmentation

  • Ominichannel shopper journeys mapping

  • Omni Touchpoint mapping & activation

  • Consumption occassions 2.0

  • Shopper Marketing Global Skills: Coaching program to upscale your CMI capabilities team into a global center of excellence

The Problem

Our Solutions

  • Where to capture shoppers where they´re actually taking online / offline purchase decisions?

  • How to identify & influence loyalty drivers?

  • How to increase traffic & incidence into my category / retail format?

  • How to improve my portfolio offering?

  • How to build a profitable, yet balanced channel strategy?

  • How to avoid price wars between channels?

  • How to create a regional / global hub for CMI capabilities?

  • How to develop your CMI team skills into global standards?

We are passionate about understanding how shoppers behave, purchase, satisfy their needs and how they evolve across time. Build and update a robust SUP, Shopper Understanding Platform

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